How To Live Happily - Everybody Deserves It !

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Happiness is not in our circumstance but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire. Happiness is something we are.
John B. Sheerin

Are You Happy Now ?

When I visited the "Questions" section in Hubpages, I encountered many people asking the question something like this : " Is there a secret to happiness?" or "How to be happy?". Responding to these questions, I would like to share with you how a person can actually get happiness.

So, are you happy now ? Why everybody wants to be happy ? What's the big deal about happiness ? Where can get the happiness actually ? Of course happiness is everybody longing for. Being happy can make us healthier and live longer. Seeing others happy can make us happy too. Being happy makes everybody around us smile..... and SMILE would brighten up the world !

The problem of being happy is easier said than done. As a mother, I would be happy seeing my kids are going well. For an employee, he/ she would be happy if she could get the promotion or the big projects. For some bosses, they would be happy when the company's income statement shows big profit. There are many reasons that can make someone happy. But this kind of happiness, I would say it is temporary. Once the reasons to be happy disappear, someone will not be happy anymore.

My point is actually not to be happy only for today, tomorrow or some other day. I want myself to be happy every day of my life. I want everybody to be happy not only after hearing good news. But I also want everybody to be happy for no reason. There are many things could be done, and they are quite practical to implement.

SMILE........and the world will smile to YOU
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SMILE........and the world will smile to YOU

Simplify Your Life

One of the way to make ourselves happy is to make our life as simple as possible. How to make our life simple actually ? In fact, it's quite easy and practical. We can reduce our things by half instead of doubling them. We can clear up all the mess in our storeroom by selling or giving things to others. Maybe there are many people need them more than us. Try to make our house simple instead of stacks of unused things. Try to only buy thing that we really need, not just following the trends. By doing all these, we become more relax instead of stressing. Could you imagine, when you reach home after tiring office hour, you will be more relax in a stuffy house or in a simple yet well organised house ? By implementing this principle into our daily life in a conscious way, we will then find ourselves happier.

Do Feel Contented For What You Already Have

I have 2 wonderful kids at home. Their ages are still below 10 years old. They are really children who only love playing, shouting and singing. Everyday, they make loud voices, some noises as the expressions of their feelings. I, as an adult, sometimes I do want time for myself, sometimes I want peace at home. Hence, sometimes I feel my kids are annoying and ask them to be quiet. This kind of situation makes me stress.

But when I am calm, I would think back what just happened and I would feel guilty. I thought, how could I expect my kids to understand my feeling. I think again, what would happen in another 10, 15 or even 20 years later, when each of my children already have their own life ? I would be very lonely man! I would miss their early ages when our house still filled by their laughter and cries by that time.

Once I realised this, I try to control my emotion now. What I really mean is I try to enjoy my every situation with my kids. I am grateful they are still by my side now. I feel contented they are healthy and enjoying their childhood. Rather than they are sick, everything would be no fun at all.

From the story above, I just want to share to everyone that whatever our condition now whether financially or health or others, we should feel contented and always take the bright side of everything that happen.

As a mother and full time housewife, I fully depend on my husband financially. I can't spend the money as I want. This is not cool, right ? Still, I do feel contented. Why is it ? The good thing of being housewife is I can see every single little thing that happen in my house. I can watch my children grow which is very important to every parent. My children could share their feeling to me anytime they want. I am always available when my children need me. You see.....there are even more positive impacts than negative.

When you feel contented and grateful to what you already have, you will enjoy your life more and you will be happier automatically. If you never satisfied of what you have now, you will keep comparing yourself to others and comparing will not give you an ultimate solution. At the end of the day, if things are going against you, you will be stressful. I  believe this is not we want right ? 

To feel contented is very easy and simple, just look around and try to accept whatever condition as it is. If you have a small house, be contented, because there are still many people out there are homeless....and one more good thing is you don't have to spend your whole day just to tidy up your house. If you are not the boss, be contented too, because are not jobless and you don't have to be responsible to the survival of the company.  Again, be contented and grateful to what you already have !

The More You Give, The More You Get

Have you ever heard this before ? Is it acceptable logically ? Something that are already given out should be become lesser, not more, right ? But believe me, this is true. The more you give, the more it will get back to you, the more you will get the return. The return might not be in the same shape or amount of what you have given out. You might get more than that. Of course it makes you happy right ?

In fact, this is the law of nature.....If you help others, you will feel happy for that. Who knows someday you will get some help from other. But there is one golden rule : don't expect the return. Please do it sincerely, show that you are willing to help by your own initiatives. Never expect anything in return. If you expect the return, it will never happen.

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Wake Up and Be Happy !

Every morning when you wake up, and still on the bed, you have to preset your mind and mood for that day. Say this to yourself : "I wanna be happy today, and I will be much happier than yesterday." Label yourself as a happy person. Everything is started from your mindset. If you decide to be happy, everything you do and everyword you say is the expression as a happy person, and the good things would happen to you and you become happier.

Contrastly, if you start your day with a glum face, so the world will not smile to you, and as the result, you will become moody than before. For example, if you talk to someone not in nice way, the person will not accept your behaviour definitely and will not be nice to you in return. When you know others are not friendly and cooperating with you, you will get offended and angry, right ? You think people don't respect you and that makes you crazy. But who started first of all? I am sure you don't want this kind of situation happen to you. Try and prove it yourself ! This principle needs your commitment to do it, practise this every morning. By the time passing, you will get used to it and feel the difference in yourself. You are a happier person then.

Lastly, Just Be Happy Now !

How do you feel now ? Being happy doesn't look impossible and difficult, does it ? Do you think all the things mentioned above are impossible ? I do hope you don't think so. Please never compare ourselves to other people who are more success, more health, more wealth, more beautiful or who has everything more. Please do understand there are many many even more people that are more unfortunate than us. Many people outside there even living their life in worse condition than ours. It's just sometimes we don't realise it. Sometimes, when we are in small trouble or difficulty, we already think like it's the end of the world. But please remember, everything must have the positive side. Try to always take the bright side. Like this, our life would be much easier, not so stressful and still happy.

Let's open our heart and give chance to ourselves and people around us and to the world, hand in hand to make everyone happy. Happiness is just like some kind of virus, it's easily spread. If your baby is happy, of course you will be happy too. If you happy, the person next to you will feel the same and so on and so on.....At the end of day, the whole world is HAPPY!

See you again in a "happier" hub........

How happy are you ?

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 Last updated on October 22, 2010

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What do you think about happiness ? 14 comments

fucsia profile image

fucsia 4 years ago

Being happy is the best gift we can do to ourselves and to those we love. Being happy is a our choice, a our right and a our responsibility. Thanks for your advices

evilia_lim profile image

evilia_lim 4 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia Hub Author

Thanks Fucsia for stopping by and commenting in my hub. I agree with you that we should fight for our own happiness....if not no one will.

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 4 years ago from I'm outta here

I enjoyed How to live happily everybody deserves it, this is so true, beautiful and a great reminder to keep us on track and on the path of happiness. Thank YOU!

evilia_lim profile image

evilia_lim 4 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia Hub Author

Thank you Katie for visiting my hub. I am glad you enjoy this How to live happily-everybody deserves it. Much Happiness for you and family:)

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 4 years ago from malang-indonesia Level 4 Commenter

I love this word, "The More You Give, The More You Get". That's why I have a motto, "Share With Others". This is the real happiness for me. I thought we all want to live happily and I believe everybody deserve it. Good topic selection. Vote up.

Love and peace,


evilia_lim profile image

evilia_lim 4 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia Hub Author

Hi Prasetio, glad to see you here. Thanks for visiting my hub. I believe happiness is actually around us, never be far away, IF we really realize about this. Peace :)

summertime8 profile image

summertime8 4 years ago from Scotland

I thought this was a fantastic hub. I really enjoyed reading it. We could all do with a little more happiness in our lives!!

evilia_lim profile image

evilia_lim 4 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia Hub Author

Hi summertime 8, thanks for visiting my hub. I hope every happiness is surrounding you and your family! Actually it's around you if you realise it. Peace:)

Christian Darrin profile image

Christian Darrin 4 years ago

"But when I am calm, I would think back what just happened and I would feel guilty." I like how you think. Very few people still realize that passes by many joys that life offers us every day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us:).

EBAY_SOURCERER profile image

EBAY_SOURCERER 4 years ago

Great hub well done, I guess i would follow groucho marx who was quoted as saying;

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.You are in control, comfort does not make most people happy it truly makes them bored, stretch your brain and you will remain positive just think of a happy time and your endorphins will "sing" amazing how this improves our mood.

evilia_lim profile image

evilia_lim 4 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia Hub Author

@ Christian Darring : thanks for visiting and sharing your comment here. I hope my thoughts about happiness and feel contented above would be very useful and applicable in everybody daily lives. May our days ahead happier than ever :)

@ Ebay_Sourcerer : thanks for stopping by and commenting in my hub. I really love your quotes, it is true indeed. Thanks for sharing with us here. Let's be happy and feel contented everyday. Peace:)

HowToLiveHappily 4 years ago

These are all great actions to take - if you can.

The only problem is, you may be having reasons not to do it. Often, it doesn't feel easy to just be happy - and trying hard to do it doesn't really help.

If you are feeling down, advice like this may seem like a reproach that you are not trying hard enough.

I believe that it is actually doable, but it takes some smart work. You have to learn how. This is what I am trying to figure out.

Chrispraveen 3 years ago from India

Thank you for the advice. I believe it would really help me to be happy. I've always felt that I'm not happy and I missed something though I have everything to lead my life happily. I still don't know what is really missing in my life. I'm just trying to figure out what is missing!!! Thanks again.

evilia_lim profile image

evilia_lim 3 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia Hub Author

Hi Chrispraveen, thanks for visiting my hub. I hope you get the meaning from this hub and would apply it. Hopefully you will find your true happiness someday. I believe you will. Keep in faith. Have a good day:)

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